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Analytics for Managerial Decision Making / Basics of Accounting & Information Processing / Berliner Balanced Scorecard. The Employee Perspective / Berliner Balanced Scorecard: The Customer Perspective / Budgeting and Decision Making
Business & Finance
Bitcoin and Blockchain Security / Building a business of politics the rise of political consulting and the transformation of American / Business analytics for managers: taking business intelligence beyond reporting / Business and the Roberts court / Business Cycles and Financial Crises
Accounts, excuses, and apologies: image repair theory and research / Community resilience, universities and engaged research for today’s world / Contemporary Journalism in the US and Germany: Agents of Accountability / Culture and Cultural Politics Under Reza Shah: The Pahlavi State, New Bourgeoisie and the Creation o / Labor Intermediation Services in Developing Economies: Adapting Employment Services for a Global Age
Computer Science
A Practical Guide to TPM 2.0 / Adversarial Design / Applied Big Data Analytics in Operations Management / Behavioral Modelling and Predistortion of Wideband Wireless Transmitters / Building Applications with Scala
A Study into Financial Globalization, Economic Growth and (In)Equality / American generosity : who gives and why / American Trypanosomiasis Chagas Disease, Second Edition: One Hundred Years of Research / America’s Challenges in the Greater Middle East: The Obama Administration’s Policies / Applied Surrogate Endpoint Evaluation Methods with SAS and R
100 Questions & Answers About Alcoholism / 100 Questions & Answers About Your Daughter Sexual Wellness and Development / A guide to graduate programs in counseling / Advanced Practice Nursing / Affective Teaching in Nursing
Advanced Technology for Smart Buildings / Aquaculture technology flowing water and static water fish culture / Behavioral Intervention Research: Designing, Evaluating, and Implementing / Broadband Wireless Communications for Railway Applications: For Onboard Internet Access and Other Ap / Building Acoustics
A Novel SOFC Tri-generation System for Building Applications / Advances in Wheat Genetics From Genome to Field / Bats in the Anthropocene: Conservation of Bats in a Changing World / Biodiversity Conservation and Phylogenetic Systematics / Crystallization and Crystallizers
Accelerating Green Innovation: Essays on Alternative Investments in Clean Technologies / Arabic-Islamic views of the Latin West : tracing the emergence of medieval Europe / Beautiful Terrible Ruins: Detroit and the Anxiety of Decline / Changing welfare states / Climate Change Adaptation in Pacific Countries: Fostering Resilience and Improving the Quality of Li
100 questions & answers about diabetes / 100 Questions & Answers About Mens Health: Keeping You Happy & Healthy Below the Belt / 100 Questions and Answers About Chronic Illness / 100 Questions and Answers About How to Quit Smoking / 100 Questions and Answers about Women’s Sexual Wellness and Vitality
A Global History of Child Death: Mortality, Burial, and Parental Attitudes / A Minimalist View on the Syntax–Semantics Relationship: Turning the Mind into a Snowflake / Behind the Wireless: A History of Early Women at the BBC / Kazak Intermediaries and Russian Rule on the Steppe, 1731-1917 / Life History Evolution and Sociology: The Biological Backstory of Coming Apart: The State of White A
Language & Literature
COGNITIVE APPROACH TO NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING / Contrastive Analysis of Discourse-pragmatic Aspects of Linguistic Genres / Extending the Scope of Construction Grammar / Families, Status and Dynasties: 1600-2000 / Gatekeepers : the emergence of world literature and the 1960s
Constitutional Sunsets and Experimental Legislation: A Comparative Perspective / Copyright Questions and Answers for Information Professionals / Defining Crime: A Critique of the Concept and Its Implication / EU consumer law and human rights / EU environmental law and policy
201 knockout answers to tough interview questions / 501 questions and answers for company directors and company secretaries / 96 great interview questions to ask before you hire / A Framework for Marketing Management / Ace Your Teacher Interview
101 Veterinary Marketing Questions Answered / Food Security and Sustainability: Investment and Financing along Agro-Food Chains / Interdisciplinary Studies of the Market Order: New Applications of Market Process Theory / Luxury Selling: Lessons from the world of luxury in selling high quality goods and services to high / Marketing and American Consumer Culture: A Cultural Studies Analysis
Martin Davis on Computability, Computational Logic, and Mathematical Foundations / Mathematics and Multi-Ethnic Students: Exemplary Practices / Mathematics Teacher Preparation in Central America and the Caribbean: The Cases of Colombia, Costa R / Modeling mathematical ideas: developing strategic competence in elementary and middle school / Subaperture stitching interferometry : playing jigsaw puzzles in three-dimensional space
A Social Epistemology of Research Groups / Advances in Proof-Theoretic Semantics / Developing mental toughness in young people / Illuminating Faith: An Invitation to Theology / Integral polity, integrating nature, сulture, society and economy
Political science
A Century of Fiscal Squeeze Politics : 100 Years of Austerity, Politics, and Bureaucracy in Britain / A New Model for Balanced Growth and Convergence: Achieving Economic Sustainability in CESEE Countrie / Accountability and Regulatory Governance: Audiences, Controls and Responsibilities in the Politics o / Aesthetic Labour: Rethinking Beauty Politics in Neoliberalism / After Ethnic Conflict: Policy-making in Post-conflict Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia
100 questions & answers about depression / Chinese and Buddhist Philosophy in early Twentieth-Century German Thought / Counseling and Psychotherapy / Life and death in captivity : the abuse of prisoners during war / Long-term outcomes in psychopathology research : rethinking the scientific agenda
Feeding, Sharing and Devouring: Ritual and Society in Highland Odisha, India / On Roman Religion: Lived Religion and the Individual in Ancient Rome / Religion in the Ranks: Belief and Religious Experience in the Canadian Forces / Religions and Migrations in the Black Sea Region / Religious Rhetoric and American Politics: The Endurance of Civil Religion in Electoral Campaigns
A short guide to contract risk / Antisemitism and Anti-Zionism Representation / Balancing the World: Contemporary Maya ajq’ijab in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala / China in Symbolic Communication / Cosmopolitanism, Nationalism, and Modern Paganism
Alternative Tourism in Turkey: Role, Potential Development and Sustainability / Linking urban and rural tourism : strategies in sustainability / Social Entrepreneurship and Tourism: Philosophy and Practice / Stereotyping Africa