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Zbigniew Krysiak, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Finance at the Warsaw School of Economics in Warsaw, Poland. He gained a doctor of philosophy degree in economics from Warsaw School of Economics for his research into the application of options in default risk assessment and company valuation. He holds an MBA (master's degree in banking and financial engineering) from the University of Toulouse, France. He was a visiting professor at Pepperdine University in Los Angeles and Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago. Currently, he is teaching students at Northeastern Illinois University on financial engineering in business applications. He is the author or coauthor of more than 100 publications, intended both for practitioners and for the academic community, concerning finance, risk management, financial engineering, and banking.

Dr. Krysiak has about 25 years' experience in business, working for European and American nonfinancial and financial enterprises. The functions he has held include: management board member of Bank Guarantee Fund, managing director of the Property Finance division and adviser to the president at PKO Bank, vice president of the management board at Intelligo Bank, vice president at AIG Bank, financial manager at PepsiCo in Poland, and member of the supervisory board at the insurance company TU Europa. He was a member of the European Banking Industry Committee (EBIC), and a member of the Mortgage Funding Expert Group (MFEG) at the European Commission. He is a member of the Scientific Committee of the Warsaw Stock Exchange in Poland.

Slawomir Pijanowski, PhD, is President of the POLRISK Risk Management Association in Poland, where he is responsible for development of good risk management practices for the Polish market. He is a member of the Technical Committee No. 6 Management Systems at the Polish Committee for Standardization, a member of ISO/TC 262 Committee, where he was one of four task leaders elaborating on the first draft of the ISO 31004 standard, Risk Management – Guidance for the Implementation. He is coauthor of Risk Management for Sustainable Business, published by the Polish Ministry of the Economy. He initiated and completed the project of adoption of the ISO 31000:2009 standard into Polish PN-ISO 31000:2012, Risk Management – Principles and Guidelines.

Dr. Pijanowski has had long-term experience in the areas of change management, organizational transformation, strategic-level program and project management, business continuity, IT security, banking, and business systems implementations. He was coauthor of the methodology of one of the first Polish implementations of ERM in a leading telecommunications company in Poland. He verified the quality of the risk registers of the Orange Technological Partnership in UEFA EURO 2012 Football Championships in Poland. He acted as an external expert for the National Foresight Program "Poland 2020" in the following research fields: safety, information technology (IT), and information and communications technology (ICT). His PhD is from the Poznan University of Economics, department of investment and capital markets, where he also graduated from the Faculty of Management with a specialty in capital investments and financial strategies of enterprises.

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