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Monthly Volunteer Newsletter

We began circulating a SpeakOut! newsletter to volunteers and facilitator alumni in 2012 after some volunteers expressed concern about program communication and resource access. Each issue offers a spotlight on a current writer and volunteer, a self-care idea column, shared workshop ideas, and a featured article. The aim is to create a cohesive experience for volunteers as well as fostering a sense of shared purpose and community. The newsletter both celebrates the accomplishments of the program participants who face a myriad of challenges as they live through rehabilitation, jail, or prison as well as recognizes the tensions that emerge when working with institutions driven by often rigid scheduling and security measures.

Coffee Shop Stops

These bimonthly informal meetings are drop-in sessions for volunteers. They are co-hosted by a volunteer and staff member and offer volunteers an informal space for reflection and conversation with others from across the six community workshops. Each session is loosely organized around a theme and includes at least one new workshop lesson idea for volunteers to take away.

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