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Religious Rhetoric and American Politics: The Endurance of Civil Religion in Electoral Campaigns

Preface A theory of religious rhetoric in American campaignsPsychological, Religious, and Political Factors in American ElectionsThe Consequences of Religious RhetoricOverview of the ChaptersReligious rhetoric in American political historyRhetoric and IdentityThe Emotive Tenor of American Civil ReligionFrom American Political History to Contemporary CampaignsReligious rhetoric and the politics of identityA Closer Look at the Language of Religious IdentityConvention, Annenberg/Pew Archive of Presidential CampaignThe Centrality of Civil Religion Identity in Political RhetoricInclusion, Exclusion, and Religious Political RhetoricThe Limits of Civil Religion Identity and Political InclusionInclusive and Alienating?Religious rhetoric and the politics of emotive appealsReligion, Emotion, and PoliticsTheorizing the Role of Emotive Religious Rhetoric in Contemporary CampaignsThe Emotive Character of Religious RhetoricThe Emotive Appeal of Religious RhetoricReligious Rhetoric and Secular Campaign SpeechCivil Religion Identity and the Question of a Culture WarReligious Rhetoric and Partisan DifferencesThe Tenor and Tone of Religious Political RhetoricThe consequences of religious language on presidential candidate evaluationsUnderstanding When Religion Becomes a FactorThe Effects of Religious Rhetoric on Candidate EvaluationReligion’s Varied Role from Election to ElectionThe Nuanced Role of Religious Rhetoric in Presidential ElectionsReligious Rhetoric and Candidate EvaluationCivil religion identity and the task of political representationThe Centrality of Civil Religion IdentityA Portrait of Civil Religion IdentityVaried Responses to Religious MessagesPersuasive Appeal of Civil ReligionReligious Rhetoric and Religious Identity for Non-ChristiansThe Psychological Underpinnings of Civil ReligionThe rhetorical construction of religious constituenciesReligious Rhetoric and Political PersuasionFrom Persuasion to RepresentationFrom Persuasion to American Political CultureNotes

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