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Being an Early Career Feminist Academic: Global Perspectives, Experiences and Challenges

Feminist Early Career Academics: Conflicting Identities?Defining ‘Early Career’Global PerspectivesCollective ThreadsBook StructureNotesReferencesI Introducing the Early Career ExperienceA Precarious Passion: Gendered and Age- Based Insecurity Among Aspiring Academics in AustraliaContextualising Australian AcademiaResearching Aspiring AcademicsPrecarious WorkPrecarious CareersPrecarious Personal RelationshipsThe Contradictions and Complexities of Academic PrecarityNotesReferencesNavigating Gendered Expectations at the Margins of Feminism and CriminologyEmbeddedness of Gendered ExpectationsDisciplinary Boundaries: Gendering and Sexing CriminologyNavigating the MarginsNo, I Don’t Hate Men...You Can’t Challenge What Remains UnsaidStudents as Active Purveyors of KnowledgeConclusionNotesReferencesII Affect and Identities: Negotiating Tensions in the Early CareerAcademic, Woman, Mother: Negotiating Multiple Subjectivities During Early CareerEarly Career Meets MotherhoodMultiple SubjectivitiesTwo Lines of EvidenceSurveyAutoethnographyPlacental AbruptionEpilepsyLosing IrigarayElectricityHappy BirthdayThemes from the Survey: “My Aspirations Compete with My Desire to Keep My Family Intact”Career Planning and PromotionWorkloads and Work/Life BalanceLeaving AcademiaLooking to the FutureImplicationsNoteReferencesRoom for Confidence: Early Career Feminists in the English Department“Are You One of Us, or One of Them?” An Autoethnography of a “Hybrid” Feminist Researcher Bridging Two WorldsA Feminist Is BornAn Autoethnographic ApproachWhat “Kind” of Feminist Am I?“You Have to Decide, Are You One of Us, or One of Them?”A Feminist Is Made. ..“...At the Business School”“...During my Interviews”“...As an Early Career Researcher”What Next for This Early Career Researcher?NoteReferencesIII Exploring Experience Through Innovative Methodologies Exposing the “Hidden Injuries” of Feminist Early Career Researchers: An Experiential Think Piece About Maintaining Feminist IdentitiesA Brief Career Biography of the AuthorsPrecarity and Turning PointsAnnaEmilyFeminist Identity and “Other” SpacesFriendship and Collective Coping: Talking OnlineConclusionsNoteReferencesReflecting Realities and Creating Utopias: Early Career Feminists (Un)Doing International Relations in FinlandIntroduction: Mission Impossible? Challenging the World Champions of Gender Equality Mind the Gender Gap: Statistics Reveal the ‘Missing Women’ PhenomenonCOLLAGING AND COLLECTING MEMORIES OF LIVED and Embodied Academic SelvesJanus-Faced Finnish IR: Living With ContradictionsEmbodied IR and Outright SexismIndifferent Handmaidens“I am a Feminist. I am a DissidentReverse Survival Strategy: Play AlongRe-Imagining What the Core of the Discipline IsEnvisioning Feminist Utopias for Alternative Visions of Feminist International Relations (FIR)No Conclusions, but New Beginnings for Feminist IR in Finland?NotesReferencesIV Work, Networks and Social Capital: Building the Academic Career Challenges to Feminist Solidarity in the Era of New Public ManagementMiddle-Aged and Still ‘Early Career’: Should I Stay or Should I Go?The Search for the Holy Grail: To Apply and Apply and ApplyThe Quest for Excellence: To Publish or PerishExtensive Teaching and Proletarisation of Early Career AcademicsIndividualisation of Organisational StructuresChallenges to Feminist SolidarityNoteReferencesInequality in Academia: The Way Social Connections WorkThe Russian SettingResults and Discussion of this StudyConclusionNoteReferencesFeminist Work in Academia and BeyondBeyond 9 to 5: An Expanded Definition of WorkLocating Feminist Work in Everyday Theory and Practice‘How Did You Find Out About the Job?’‘After the Seminar, Over Wine’Un(der)appreciated and Un(der)paid: Teaching and Organising EventsConclusionNotesV Envisaging Feminist FuturesOn Becoming “Bad Subjects”: Teaching to Transgress in Neoliberal EducationNeoliberal PrecarityTensions in/of the Classroom“Bad Subjects,” Radical PotentialNotesReferencesEmbracing Vulnerability: A Reflection on my Academic Journey as a Japanese Early Career Feminist Academic AbroadFeminist or Not?Research as PraxisJourney into Academia: Becoming a Japanese Feminist ResearcherRealizing My Feminist IdentityHarnessing Cultural Capital During My Undergraduate EducationDoctoral Education in the United KingdomFuture Challenges for Feminist Early Career Academics Working Abroad: Neoliberal and Globalized MomentsConclusion: Enriching Experiences as a Feminist Early Career ResearcherNotesReferences‘I’m an Early Career Feminist Academic: Get Me Out of Here?’ Encountering and Resisting the Neoliberal AcademyIntroduction: Navigating the Academic JungleExclusions and Injustices: Bodies Out of Place and Out of TimeTrying to Escape? The Paradox of ExclusionFugivity and Fighting Back: Resisting and (Re) OCCUPYING THE ACADEMY(Re)creating SpacesFeminism in Practice: Collaboration, Kindness, Co-MentoringTeaching and TransgressionSelf-Preservation as a Collective ResponsibilityConclusion: The Res-Sister ManifestaEmbrace Collectivity and Nurture AlliesLittle Acts of Solidarity Make a Big DifferenceSpeak OutRecognise Tour Power and PrivilegeSelf-Care Is a MustNotesReferences

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