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A short course of lectures
«Coastal management in Australia»

What is the Australian coast?The communityGeomorphology of estuariesImpact of Quaternary global changes on the Australian coastGlobal change and Australian coastal processesCase study: Jervoise Bay, Western AustraliaGlobal environmental changeEstuaries and wetlandsCoastal industries Commercial fishingTectonicsEffects of suspended solids on the marine environmentTerrestrial protected coastal areasShipping and ballastScientific uncertainty in coastal managementState of the environment reportingCharacteristicsLithologyHinchinbrook Island mangrovesProtected areas on landThe community's concernsLarge-scale processes and features of the Australian coastShore platformsGovernment roles and responsibilitiesCommitments to sustainable management systemsThe need for managementContextSoil and vegetation development of coastal dunesCase study: Byron Bay to Hastings Point, New South WalesCase study: Sand mining on Fraser Island, QueenslandThe challengeCoastal environmental management systemsThe Victorian Coastal Strategy (revised October 2001)Community roles in the new millenniumBiodiversitySouth Australian case studyAustralian coastal policy, 1995The development of the Commonwealth Coastal PolicyCoastal management for the 21st centurySustainable developmentThe Gulf St VincentThe development of the Commonwealth Oceans PolicyThe varied role of community groupsThe state of coastal management in AustraliaNatural processesThe 'whole of government' state policies comparedAustralian case studies of coastal processesThe New South Wales Coastal PolicyCoastal planningCoastal mining and industry activitiesCase Study: The Great Barrier ReefWater qualityGeological evidence of former sea levelsIntegrated resource managementCommonwealth responsibilitiesAustralia's National Coastal Zone Inquiry, 1993The responseGeneral coastal mining impactsIntegrated coastal managementSeagrassesCase study: AdelaideCase study: Cable Beach, Western AustraliaNutrientsEstuariesCoral reef coastsMonitoring and managementUnderstanding Coastal ProcessesCommercial use of coastal watersCoastal dune typesGeneral coastal industry impactsAction in the 1990s: changes to Australian coastal managementSustainable coastal managementCatchment to the coastSaltmarshesCase studiesTides and currentsMangrove coastsTypes and locationsCoastal dunesRiver Row, tides and mixingRecent sea level changeProtected coastal areas and nature-based tourismReef morphology and reef zonesCommunity monitoringManagement costs and equityParticipation, collaboration or management?AquacultureCliffs and platformsManagement of places of high conservation and landscape valueInformation systemsCase Study: The Port Campbell coastManaging the Australian coastCase study: The River MurrayThe role of the communityCoastcareUrban wastewaterNon-metropolitan expansion along the coastLocal governmentForewordGulf of CarpentariaFuture Directions for Australian Coastal ManagementCoastal impacts from our citiesCockbum SoundLiving on the edgeAbout This BookThe Tasmanian State Coastal PolicyState government responsibilitiesGlobal influences on Australian coastal managementCase study: The Cooloola Sand MassAn Era of ChangeLocal government responsibilitiesSustainable coastal management and scientific uncertaintyCase study: The Great Barrier Reef LagoonSediment loadHuman impact on the Australian coastClimate and run-offEquity access and community involvementAcknowledgmentsMonitoring changeNearshore processes and beachesCommunity participationMarine protected areasConcentration of suspended solids in estuaries and nearshore watersThe dynamics of coastal systemsPort Adelaide River estuary – Barker InletThe statesTypes and locations of miningBeach and dune sedimentsCase study: Adelaide metropolitan beach, South AustraliaCase study: Cliffs near Robe, South AustraliaGlobal imperatives for coastal managementEvaluating and protecting coastal landscape valuesTourism and recreation pressure on the coastMining in the coastal zone The Queensland State Coastal Management PlanThe CommonwealthImpacts and challenges for the management of coastal tourismCommitmentWaves
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