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Drones : what everyone needs to know

ARMED DRONE TECHNOLOGYQ. What is a drone?Q. What is the historical genealogy of armed drones?Q. What types of drones are or will be available?Q. Who has used armed drones in combat, and where have they been used?Q. How many fatalities have resulted from covert drone strikes?Q. What are the advantages of using drones in combat?Q. Is the United States likely to continue using armed drones in combat?Q. Do drone strikes “work”?Q. Have American citizens been killed by drone strikes?Q. Are drones just an unmanned version of other platforms or delivery systems?Q. Are drones necessarily a game changer on the battlefield?Q. Is the use of armed drones legal under international law?Q. Is the use of armed drones ethical?Q. Is there major opposition to the use of armed drones?Q. What is it like to be a drone pilot?Q. How does the use of drones affect democratic checks and balances?PROLIFERATION OF DRONES TO OTHER COUNTRIESQ. Which other countries have drones?Q. Will there be a drones “arms race”?Q. Does the proliferation of drones present security risks?Q. Could terrorists carry out a strike with drones?Q. What types of institutions are in place to deal with the proliferation of drones?DRONES FOR THE GROUND AND SEAQ. What types of unmanned technologies exist for ground environments?Q. What is the state of proliferation in terms of unmanned ground technologies?Q. Are unmanned ground technologies likely to be game changers?Q. What is the status of unmanned technology for maritime systems?Q. What is the state of proliferation in terms of unmanned technologies related to maritime environments?Q. Are unmanned maritime systems likely to be game changers?Q. Are there nonmilitary applications of unmanned maritime technologies?NONCOMBAT TECHNOLOGYQ. Are drones being incorporated into government agencies other than the military?Q. What are the potential commercial applications of drones?Q. What are the potential applications of drones for aid and relief operations?Q. What are the potential applications for recreational drones?Q. What are the potential safety risks of nonmilitary drone use?Q. What are the potential privacy risks associated with domestic drones?Q. Does the public support the use of domestic drones?Q. How are federal agencies regulating nonmilitary drones?Q. How are states regulating the use of drones?Q. How does the regulation of nonmilitary drones vary outside the United States?THE FUTURE OF DRONES NANO, AUTONOMOUS SYSTEMS, AND SCIENCE FICTIONQ. What is the future of drone hardware?Q. What is the future of autonomy?Q. Is life imitating art or art imitating life when it comes to drones?Q. Are drones here to stay?NOTES

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