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How Digital Communication Technology Shapes Markets: Redefining Competition, Building Cooperation

The Technology: Has the Digital Communication Technology Changed the Way Markets Function? Cooperation or Competition?The Three Drivers: Connectivity, Data and AttentionThe Three Trends: Granularity, Behemoths and CooperationFirm Boundaries and Agency IssuesMulti-Sided MarketsOrganizational Restructuring - Information and DisintermediationEvidence for DisintermediationProduction Side(A) Bloomberg Bata(B) Kauffmann Foundation Results(C) US Census DataConsumption SideOrganizational Behemoths - How Do Amazon, Facebook, Google and Apple Co-exist with Granularity?My TakeNotesBibliographyThe Independent Contractor and Entrepreneurship in Labor MarketsProductivity and Income InequalitySkill Enhancement and Digitization of LearningMy TakeNotesBibliographyThe On-Demand Economy and How We Live: Communication, Information, Media and EntertainmentThe MarketCustomizationThe Seller - Unbundling the Medium and the MessageThe Buyer - Unbundling Ownership and AccessContent and the Nascent BehemothsOver-the-Top ContentPricing BroadbandSocial Media and Social Networks Social Media(1) Information(2) Entertainment(3) Collective ActionSocial Networks(4) Engagement(5) Empowerment(6) Immediacy(7) Cultural Homogeneity or the Global CitizenAdvertisingMobile AdvertisingReviews and RatingsMy TakeNotesBibliographyThe Sharing Economy: Information Cascades, Network Effects and Power LawsAgency and GranularityGranularity and Organizational Restructuring in Financial MarketsThe Payments FunctionThe Savings and Investment FunctionRisk Management FunctionLiquidity FunctionConnectivity, Organization Behemoths and Systemic RiskSpontaneous Feedback EffectsDeliberate Feedback Due to RankingNetwork EffectsRich-Get-Richer or Power LawsMy TakeNotesBibliographyThe Private World of Sharing and CooperationFirst AmendmentFourth AmendmentThe Anonymity-Identity SpectrumPrivacy and BusinessPrivacy and National SecurityEncryptionWhen Privacy Is a Public GoodMy TakeNotesBibliographyThe Internet and RegulationInternet freedom often necessitates oversightBig Data and OwnershipOwnership of Domain NamesNet NeutralityGatekeepersMy TakeNotesBibliographyWe Cooperate to Better ComprehendThe Red QueenMy TakeNoteBibliography

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