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A short course of lectures
«Capturing contemporary Japan: differentiation and uncertainty»

Loss and AffectToward differentiation and uncertaintyConflict between Marriage and Employment MarketsIV Making Social tiesMen Forced from the FamilyK-Cars as Metaphor of Gender and Driving StylesChallenges at WorkPrefaceGender and Organic FarmingFamily Life at the FujiisPlaying with Divinatory GenresBarrier-Free BrothelsUpward MobilityDivination EntertainmentNote on conventionsStability or Stagnation?A Path for Challenging the Status Quo— with Compromises and ContradictionsConsumer Groups: Links between Producers and ConsumersWork and Lives of Three Bubble Generation WomenLightweight Cars and women Drivers. The De/construction of gender metaphors in recessionary JapanAfter Forty: “We Don't Need Men, but We Do Need Work”Networks of Peer SupportFacing the Nitty-Gritty of Organic FarmingGlossaryThe Role of Staff MembersMen and RetirementAtsuko: Determining One's Life Path (Shinro)Seiko: The EEOL's Poster ChildNeoliberal SexualitiesMaya: At the Lower End of Professional WorkLiving Alone in Late AdulthoodThe aging of the Japanese Family meanings of grandchildren in old ageThe Divination arts in Girl CultureDriving in DragFamily Change in the Latter Half of the Twentieth CenturyThe JOAA and Japanese AgricultureGender Schema and Driving Metaphors in Recessionary JapanRural to UrbanFieldworkValue Conflicts and ReligionEmotional BondsDrop-In Play Centers: The Physical SettingsResistance and IdentityWork Conditions and experiencesConvenience Stores, Shelf Life, and the Logistics behind LossPlay Centers and Issues of ConcernUpdateLoss Battles and Hidden CostsDealing with the Local Farming CommunityExploring Feminized Texts and SpacesRecreating Connections nonprofit organizations' attempts to Foster networking among mothers of preschoolersInteraction across Generations: Long-term Relationships versus Sporadic encountersMaking an ant's Forehead of DifferenceFrom Breadwinner to CommunicatorWomen of the Bubble GenerationFamily and Grandchildren in the First Half of the Twentieth CenturyK-CarsThe Erosion of “Husband at Work, Wife at Home”Marriage and Employment MarketsAmi: Caught in the Middle, in Search of a Desirable Job (Yaritai Koto)Grandchildren as Reminders of a Generation GapSexual Rights for People with DisabilitiesConsumption and emerging new ServicesWork and Life in Challenging timesThe story of a seventy-Three-year-Old woman Living alone. Her thoughts on Death ritesYumiko: The Clerical Track for LifeMen Disabled and LovedSingle women in Marriage and employment Markets in JapanElementary EducationThe Girl, the Smiling Guy, and the CarLiving Out of the TrashBarrier-Free Brothels. Sex Volunteers, prostitutes, and people with DisabilitiesChild Rearing, Shrinking Networks of Support, and AnxietyLife as an Irregular EmployeeA Vignette: The Evening ShiftLate Twenties to Early Thirties:Junior High EducationProstitutionDriving in Inner and Outer SpacesIII Exploring new roles and identitiesThirty-Something: Departing from ConventionTending the Family DeadKonbinization and the Wider World of WasteEducation after the “Lost Decade(s)”. Stability or Stagnation?Inequality and the “Disparity Society”Parenting, Cultural Capital, and Human Capital: Reproduction of Social Class in the Next GenerationReinvented Historical DivinationThe Maintenance of Drop-inInternationalization and Foreign Language EducationBeing a Man in a straitened Japan. The View from twenty years LaterHistory and Life CourseGrandchildren as Sources of assistance in Old ageWorking women of the Bubble GenerationAn After-Shelf LifeChoosing Ash ScatteringThe Development of Drop-in Play CentersPast and Present: Residual and Emergent ResistanceValue Conflicts over ChildrenNotes for InstructorsV Persisting patterns and ContinuitiesNotes on Research MethodsPerceptions of Single Women in JapanShelf Lives and the Labors of Loss. Food, Livelihoods, and Japan's Convenience StoresII Work Conditions and experiencesEffects of the 3/11 DisasterFight! Takeda Mayumi's StoryPatterns of Interaction: Staff Members and MothersLife Courses: education, Marriage, and agingYu¯ji: A Light-Hearted OptimistWhite HandsI Change over timeSex VolunteersHigh School: The Great DivideThe Real Pain of LossOpportunities for Learning and ExplorationThe Meanings of Grandchildren to Elderly Japanese TodayThe Politics of Sexual Relations
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