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How Can We Use Facebook?

When you hear the words “social network,” Facebook is most likely the first thing that pops into your head.

Facebook is more than just a social network. Nowadays, it's everything. People use Facebook to connect with family, friends, colleagues, network with people in their fields, keep up with prospective clients and employees, post pictures, update life statuses, network with peers, and so much more. All day long, people check their phones, computers, iPads, and various devices to log in and review their accounts.

Facebook is quite literally the face of social media. With more than 1.3 billion users active monthly, if Facebook were a country, it would be the second largest, in front of India and light behind China. And how about your target audience? Studies have found that 47 percent of Americans say Facebook is their number-one influencer of purchases, 57 percent of all American adults use Facebook, 60 percent of Internet users age 50 to 64 use Facebook regularly, and some 45 percent of Internet users age 65 or older now use Facebook, up from 35 percent who did so in late 2012. Facebook is where your target demographic lives, connects, and builds relationships. It's not only simple and user-friendly, but it's the best, most inexpensive vehicle for promoting your brand to millions of people.

Let's face it, your current and potential clients are here, and your business needs to be here as well. Ultimately, people want to do business with other people with whom they can relate and feel comfortable working. Facebook gives you the opportunity to share who you are and what makes your business tick. Ask yourself, why would someone want to be a fan of my business or cause?

Let's discuss the possible answers to this million-dollar question that will help you manage a successful Facebook page.

To receive valuable industry information – Many fans of Facebook pages use their “likes” as a way to load their newsfeeds with valuable

information about a specific industry. Think of it as another version of an RSS feed; an investor will become a fan of multiple financial publications and organizations in order to receive up-to-date news and information about the financial industry. This means that your page needs to be pushing top-notch information that's relevant to your followers and your industry. However, be careful how frequently you post to your page – you do not want to overload your fans' newsfeeds, so think quality over quantity. As a rule of thumb, try not to post more than once or twice a day.

To receive company news and updates – Some Facebook users have become fans of your page because they want to follow your business and receive company news and updates. These are the kinds of fans that either already have brand loyalty or are simply looking to learn more about your company. To fulfill your duties to these types of fans, make sure you're posting relevant and up-to-date company news, such as upcoming events, promotions, and media appearances.

To become a brand ambassador – These are the fans that business owners love. These types of fans already have loyalty to your brand and are looking to become a brand ambassador to help you spread the word. You're probably asking yourself, “Do I have this type of fans?'' Of course you do! These fans are your employees, friends, family members, and current clients. They already know your business and are representing it in some way or another. The key is to push them to market your brand even more. Ask them to send out page invites to their friends. Ask them to post information on their personal profiles. Brand ambassadors are there to represent your business and attract new fans.

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