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Fermented Fish

You’ll use raw wild fish to prepare this meal, which creates a mellow flavor but still packs the powerful, beneficial punch to your microbiome.


1 V pounds wild fish fillets, sliced into bite-sized portions 5 slices ginger root, peeled 1 onion, peeled and chopped 1 V cup sauerkraut juice Preparation:

Place fish in a clean sterilized container with a sterilized lid. Add ginger, onion, and sauerkraut juice, making sure you have enough to cover the fish. Seal and let stand at room temperature for eight hours, then transfer to the fridge to cure for up to three days.

Pickled Garlic

You can snack on these or add them to any dish you see fit.


About 50 garlic cloves, peeled

2 cups room temperature Brain Maker Brine


Place garlic in a clean, sterilized container with a sterilized lid. Add brine and cover garlic completely. Use a plastic bag filled with cool water to ensure that the garlic stays pressed beneath the brine, then seal the container. Store at room temperature in a cool, dark area for one month, then check on it and transfer to the refrigerator.

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