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As we mentioned earlier, each platform has its own capabilities and targeting methods when it comes to paid promotions and advertisements. Make sure that you understand your options beforehand, so you are not inefficiently spending marketing funds. Below are a few network specific tips:

Use Facebook and LinkedIn ads to attract a bigger following and expand brand awareness – Arguably the most popular of all the social media platforms, Facebook sells advertisements (which appear in prospects' newsfeeds and on the top light side of their screens) that can be very effective in generating both brand awareness and ideal prospects, and those prospects are based on quality over quantity. The same precision targeting can also be achieved with LinkedIn, where you're also able to choose your audience based on broad categories like Parents or Baby Boomers, as well as any hashtagged interests. This is an unparalleled way for advisors to reach people in certain age groups and locales, as well as for asset managers to locate professionals with a specific industry expertise.

So, if you've written an informative and actionable article on college financial planning strategies, your Facebook and LinkedIn ads can be configured so they appear only on the pages of both men and women in your city or region with children between the ages of 4 and 18.

Complement Facebook and LinkedIn ads with promoted posts – A promoted Facebook or LinkedIn post ensures other consumers will see your post, in addition to your existing Facebook fans or LinkedIn connections, making it a powerful tool in its own right. It can become an even stronger tool when paired with your other ads. Promoted posts on Facebook and LinkedIn will appear directly in your target prospects' newsfeeds, which expands your reach tremendously, as anyone who goes to a prospect's page will also see your promoted posts.

With Facebook, you have two options to promote posts:

1. You can elect to promote your post to a very finely-tuned target audience just as with their ads.

2. You can promote your post to friends of individuals who already like your page.

Again, anytime another user sees a post from a company one of their friends likes, it only serves to reinforce your credibility and generate what's known as social word-of-mouth marketing.

Twitter ads can benefit your bottom line and deliver word-of-mouth future clients – In Twitter's platform, the most common ad is called a promoted tweet. Promoted tweets are essentially regular tweets that appear in the newsfeeds of users well beyond your current network of followers. Additionally, even though these users may not be following you directly, they can still re-tweet your post, reply to it, or favorite it. This is a way to grow your social community of followers very quickly, all while leaving impressions on new investors you couldn't access previously.

The goal of these advertisements and promotions is to increase your social media footprint in the most efficient and effective way possible. To make sure you are doing so, it is important to track and measure the success rates of all paid campaigns, just as you would with any direct mail, e-mail, or radio campaign. Each major platform has its own set of analytics tools for you to gauge how well each ad or post has performed. This is a wonderful way to duplicate your most successful pieces – simply use older and proven-effective content, ads, or posts as templates for creating similar but new content to promote. These analytics tools will also reveal what time or day of the week you get the most traction for posting, so you can ensure you sync your paid social media efforts with your target audience's online activity.

There no question that a well-planned paid social media marketing campaign offers a variety of new benefits, but if you have some trepidation about taking the plunge, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn all offer detailed tutorials and guides to using their paid social media tools. These advertisement methods are constantly changing and evolving, so specific platform guides can help you stay on top of your options. You can also turn to a professional social media company to help craft and outline a winning paid social media strategy on your behalf.

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