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Begin by considering and answering the following questions honestly. If you answer No to two or more of the first list of questions or Yes to one or more of the second list, it's a signal you could use some professional help.

First list of questions:

■ Do you fully understand the importance and value of using social media as an integral component of your core business strategy?

■ In addition to knowing all of the major social media sites, do you understand their key functions and know how to use the sites' features to add value to your business sustainability and growth?

■ Have you developed SMART goals that reflect you mission, vision, values, and strategy?

■ Do you have a solid understanding of what kind of content to use in social media, when and on what frequency to post it, and the most appropriate platforms on which it should appear?

■ Are you comfortable handling social listening, constant interaction, and relationship building while managing both your brand reputation and your social media community on a 24-hour, seven-days-a-week, and 365-days-a-year basis?

■ Do you have the tools, resources, energy, and time to manage your own social media community efficiently and effectively?

■ Can you perform all of these social media activities while still managing the daily tasks your business demands?

Second list of questions:

■ Is keeping up with social media consuming more than two or three hours of your time at work?

■ Has your social and digital marketing been preventing you from performing your other key work responsibilities?

Has social media become such a distraction that it's currently having an adverse effect on your overall productivity?

■ Do you now perceive social media to be one of your least favorite tasks simply because it's no longer fun?

Review your answers to these questions and you'll discover whether hiring a social media manager (or several social media workers) is the light move for you or your firm.

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