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While the tools will help, keep in mind that ultimately a human being needs to be monitoring your social networks. This means assigning a social media or community manager the responsibility of watching, engaging, and moderating risk and opportunity.

Additionally, you can utilize social listening to be tipped off that a client is leaving you. Such signs could include:

■ A client is liking and sharing a competitor's social media content.

■ A client stops liking and engaging with your social media posts.

■ A client stops following your company or disconnects with you on LinkedIn.


And don't forget: If you do lose a client, perhaps through no fault of your own, you want to part on good terms. That's because, in this social media world, “even if you don't bring them back, you need to be aware of how they speak about you,” Swift points out. You can separate on good terms, just as you would with a doctor or any other relationship, says Swift, and offers some pointers:

■ Provide copies of any reports or recent statements and offer to send them directly to the new firm. Your generosity might just surprise your client.

■ Maintain your relationship. For example, follow them or like their Facebook posts. Keep them on your newsletter list.

■ Send a note on the anniversary of their departure with any valuable updates. For example: “We think of you and hope you think of us. We have a new client portal and our Facebook page now features real-time Q&A with our CEO every Friday.”

Who knows – the poached client may just discover that the grass isn't really greener on the other side. The client may even refer others to you.

Today's social media-driven business culture leaves you with a choice: You can either be the advisor who takes advantage of these prospecting strategies, or you can be the advisor who loses his best clients to more industry-engaged, social media-savvy competitors. Be the advisor you promise to be and leave no gaps or room for interlopers to poach your clients.

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