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Political Issues

This category discusses various political issues that would be faced by an ICT-enabled government functioning in smart cities. Some of the political issues are lack of horizontal and vertical integration across various government and urban initiatives, leadership issues, and a relatively low level of interest shown by many national authorities working together (Van den Bergh and Viaene, 2015).

Human Issues

This category discusses several issues such as social issues, cultural issues, communication issues, and the behavioral issues that may occur in smart cities.

Social Issues

This subcategory includes research papers that mention the silo and high-empowerment issues (Awaluddin, 2014; Theodoridis et al., 2013). The advent of smart cities would create an isolated environment in which people would be detached from their immediate surroundings. Excessive use of digital gadgets could turn citizens into highly empowered robots, with all modern facilities but lacking friends and family (Sandoval-Almazan et al., 2015). Ease of access to information and use of public domains in which people can freely express their views could lead to conflict between them and government bodies (Lee and Lee, 2014; Awaluddin, 2014).

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