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Beyond loving : intimate racework in lesbian, gay, and straight interracial relationships

Love Myths, Assimilation, and the Importance of Seeing Race as StructureConceptualizing RaceworkLesbians, Gays, and the Experience of Racial Difference within a Heterosexist Social WorldThe StudyA Note on LanguageOrganization of this BookThe Historical Roots of Lesbian, Gay, and Heterosexual Black/White IntimacyPower, Property, and Privilege: Heterosexual Interracial Sex before the Civil WarHeterosexual Interracial Sexuality and Marriage from the 1880s to World War IISame-Sex Interraciality from the 1880s to World War IIHeterosexual Interracial Intimacy after World War IIGay and Lesbian Interracial Intimacy after World War IIA Historical Framework for Contemporary Interracial LivesPublic Interraciality: Navigating Racially Homogeneous Social SpacesRacial Residential Segregation and Neighborhood PreferencesRacework in Public: Navigating Racially Homogeneous Social SpacesSeeking Mixed NeighborhoodsSegregated Neighborhoods and Separated Social SpacesManaging Race Fatigue: White PartnersManaging Race Fatigue: Black PartnersNegotiating Racial Separation and In-group UnityNegotiating Racial Separation in Lesbian and Gay Social SpacesConclusionPublic Interraciality: Managing VisibilityRacial Prejudice, Homophobia, and the Concept of Stigma ManagementPublic Experiences of InterracialityHeterosexual Interracial IntimacyHypervisibilityInvisibilityLesbian and Gay Interracial IntimacyManaging VisibilityMonitoring Public Displays of AffectionAsserting PresenceConclusionIntimate Interactions: Racework as Emotional LaborHabitus as a Racial OrientationRacework as Emotional LaborThe Value of Emotional LaborEmotional Labor through HumorAvoidance as Emotional LaborRacial SilenceConclusionInterracial Identities: Racework as Boundary WorkConventional Images of Interracial IntimacyRacework as Boundary WorkBoundary Work and the Construction of Individual IdentitiesNavigating White Racial IdentitiesFinding the Black ExceptionNavigating Black Racial Identities Not That Kind of Black PersonFinding the White ExceptionBoundary Work and the Construction of IntimacyColorblind IntimacyRace-conscious InterracialityBetween Colorblind and Color Conscious: Racial AmbivalenceHow Sexuality Shapes Interracial IdentityConstructing a Straight Interracial Identity: Colorblind HeterosexualityConstructing a Lesbian or Gay Interracial IdentitySexuality Compounds Racial IdentitiesSexuality Eclipses Racial DifferenceSexuality Diffuses Racial DifferenceConclusionWhite Racial Identities through the Lens of Interracial IntimacyExamining WhitenessWhiteness as Usual: Interracial Intimacy and the Resilience of White Racial IdentitiesDiscovering Whiteness through Blackness: Moving toward a Critical LensTransforming Racial Habitus, Cultivating Racial LiteracyConclusionInterracial Biographies in ContextThe Practice of Intimate RaceworkThe Intersections of Race, Sexuality, and GenderConceptualizing Racework in Other Contexts

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