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Content Delivery Networks. Fundamentals, Design, and Evolution

WelcomeA Few Words of IntroductionThe "Why" of this BookRelevant Milestones of the Personal VoyageContext and OrientationHistory of StreamingFoundations - What does "Streaming" Really Mean?StreamingRelated Network ModelsPhysical Network ConsiderationsInternet Layer ConsiderationsTransport Layer ConsiderationsApplications - Transport ProtocolsProtocol EvolutionPlatform Divergence and CoDec ConvergenceAdaptive Bitrate ArrivesAdaptive Bitrate - EnterpriseAdaptive Bitrate in the CDN and ISPInternet Radio and HTTPFormat EvolutionIndustry Evolution“Stack Creep"Real World - Blue Chips and Video Delivery NetworksConsumer AdoptionThe AudienceTarget Audiences to which the Networks ReachThe typical Audiences that Demand Content from NetworksTraditional Ratings Companies and Audience MeasurementHow They MeasureThe Discernible InaccuraciesWho They Work for/are Owned ByThe Value They CreateStreaming Media and MeasurementHow We can Measure Online AudiencesThe Inherent Problem with Accurate Data in a World used to GuessingPredictions of OthersKoranteng Got it SO WrongThe Millennial DelusionThe Pending Collapse of the Value of Broadcasting to Advertisers"Device Effect" and FormatsVideo Formats (in Particular, Multicast and UDP) and Network ArchitectureDiscovery, Curation, and Social MediaPersonal RecommendationOffline and Broadcast PromotionText SearchCurationData-Driven RecommendationSocial MediaRelease Windows and PiracyEncode > Serve > PlayThe Basic Building BlocksThe Acacia PatentAkamai vs. LimelightStandards, Standards, Standards, ...D-Book Connected TV Standards from the Digital Television GroupThe CoDec ConcernsWhat is a CDN: A Simple ModelSetting the Scene for CDNsCDNs as Money SaversRequest RoutingPassive Request RoutingActive/Intelligent Request RoutingCDN BrokerageSaaS Models within the CDN EcosystemsSaaS and POPs/Edges/ServersEncoderOnline Video PublishersCloud Inside - New GenerationThe Three Generations of CDNSoftware DefinitionMulticore CPU and Functional ProgrammingFunctional Programming and Containers"ServiceVelocity"and the OperatorWorkflowsLive Event FocusApproaches to WebcastingThink Before You Start - Your Client Probably Hasn't!Budgets“TV Standard""Adds Value Standard"Objectives - Quality vs. ReliabilityProduction PrinciplesBackhaul/Contribution and AcquisitionBroadcastWireWirelessSatelliteg/4G CellMuxReliable UDP and HTTP/ UDP SolutionsThroughput vs. GoodputCloud SaasIn Workflow "Treatment" (Transcode/Transmux, etc.)DVR WorkflowsCatch-up WorkflowsPrime Minister's QuestionsNASDAQ Market DisclosuresVOD WorkflowsPublishingPublishers, OVPs, CDNs, and MCNsSmall Objects, Large Objects, or Continuous StreamsCompressionThe “Quality Question" ...LatencyApplication, Site, Web, and Games AccelerationDesktop and Device Delivery ApplicationsStandalone Media Players and ApplicationsVideo Tags in HTML5WebRTC - Beyond HTML5Request Routing (The Dark Art of the CDN)Logging Analytics and the Devil in the DetailService VelocityCharging for IP-Delivered ContentLessons from the Music IndustrySuccess CasesYouTubeNetflixOn the HorizonFailure CasesScour.netmp3.comNapsterBroadcast.comThe “Yacht Projects"General Commentary on Commercial ModelsCable TVIPTVOTT Pureplay+Operator CDNFog DistributionVariation from Live Linear to VOD, and Everything in BetweenDRMWatermarkingCompetition and the Regulatory EnvironmentISOC, ITU, and WSISPolicy - Net NeutralityValue Chain Alignment with QoS and SLA PropositionsLayer-2 Workaround?Cultural ChangeTraditional BroadcastersThe Millenial SubscriberISP and Content ProvidersTelco and TelecomsContent ProvidersPreparing for Change in Your DesignPreface and PhilosophyModels, Diagrams, and SchematicsHow to do a Good Diagram?Scenario PlanningRisk, Responsibility, and ReassuranceOptimization and UpsellValue Creation/AgilityExpectation ManagementMulticast - the Sleeping GiantMulticast RecapBasicsRouting ProtocolsFlood, Prune, Storms, and a Bad TasteCommercial OutcomeWhat Happens Now?To Singularity and BeyondDeep-Dives (Case Studies)Hitting the TV Screen - IPTV/Hybrid TV and OTTThe Taxonomy of OTT VideoDigital Terrestrial Television (DTT)/Direct to Home (DTH)IPTV OperatorsBroadcast OTT OperatorsPureplay OTT OperatorsArqiva Connect and Freeview PlusCreating Nasdaq's Cloud-Based Virtual WorkflowThe Genesis of a Virtual WorkflowThe Technology Behind the WorkflowWhy Amazon EC2?What Sort of Scaling Issues did You Face?How about SLA?What about Signal Acquisition?What about OS Choices and Stacks?How Is the System Controlled?How Does it Report?Wrap Up
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