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Industry Evolution

While the pure software companies such as Microsoft and Adobe, and those that blur the line a little like Google and Apple, are all extremely present in the overall narrative of the evolution of streaming media formats, in order to broaden our perspective, it is important to understand both the telecoms and the content sectors to some extent.

“Stack Creep"

In 2010 I penned a widely read article, which was titled “The State of the Stack.”[1]

In the IT and many other sectors, we all often talk about “horizontal and vertical integration,” and I believe this article was successful because it clearly explained those vectors - at least as far as our niche of the industry was concerned. In it I took a focus on the OSI network stack, drawing attention to how companies often “creep” around the stack, venturing out from their natural home positioning, and that can be highly disruptive. This is particularly the case if that venturing company ends up creating competition with their own existing client base or suppliers through vertical “creep” up or down the stack.

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