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Internet recruitment

The internet has increasingly become a significant source of recruitment for international managers (Harris, Brewster & Sparrow, 2003). Research has begun to explore the role of companies’ website presentations and wording of international mobility and global careers in recruiting success. Puck, Mohr and Holtbrugge (2006) found that the use of corporate websites for recruitment varied across countries. Organizations from countries that show a high level of individualism tend to make more intensive use of recruitment through corporate websites than organizations from more collectivist societies. Additionally, companies from cultures with a high level of uncertainty avoidance tend to use corporate website recruitment less intensively.

Point and Dickman (2012) found that most websites mentioning international work focused on operational issues regarding international experience and expatriation rather than on global careers. The internet has become one of the fastest growing methods of recruitment for filling senior international senior manager and technical positions and it is likely that it will become more popular in the future as the internet spreads to more countries in the less developed world (Harris et al., 2003). Research is still somewhat scarce on the best uses of the internet for global recruiting and on its limitations.

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