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Future Research

Although there are many avenues for future research, we focus here on three which we believe hold the potential to generate novel and far-reaching insights, or are examples of areas greatly in need of additional research - specifically, research on score differences for Latinos/Hispanics, research on score differences related to national culture and research on the role of the measurement on the observed score differences.

Research on score differences for Latinos/Hispanics

Given the size and growth of Latino/Hispanic populations in the workforce, the lack of research on score differences between Latinos/Hispanics and other groups in the US is a missed opportunity. Much of the research assumes that the findings from the research on Black-White comparisons will apply to Latino/Hispanic-White comparisons too. Given their unique histories and cultures, it is very unlikely that the results from Black-White comparison will generalize to Latinos/Hispanics (e.g., Alcoff, 2003). At the most basic level, research directed at understanding more nuanced aspects of the score differences is needed. For example, many of the moderators which have examined meta-analytic research on cognitive ability score group mean differences have not been examined for Latino/ Hispanic comparisons. Moreover, the meta-analytic estimates of the score differences for Latinos/Hispanics are often much less than the score differences for African-Americans. There is little theoretical work aimed at understanding why there are differences and why the differences are smaller for Latinos/Hispanics. At this point, the degree to which models and theories of score differences in Black-White comparisons (e.g., Cottrell et al., 2015) apply to Latinos/Hispanics is unclear.

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