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Four Types of Crime Analysis

With a better understanding of the four types of crime analysis— tactical crime analysis, strategic crime analysis, administrative crime analysis, and police operations analysis—we can now move on in the next chapters to discuss in more detail the types of tasks, duties, and specific analysis required in each of the four categories of crime analysis.

Questions for Discussion

  • 1. What would you consider some crime analysis techniques that were likely used hundreds of years ago?
  • 2. Which type of crime analysis seems most interesting to you? Why?

Important Terms

Administrative crime analysis: Presentation of interesting findings related to crime research and analysis based on legal, political, and practical concerns to inform audiences within the law enforcement administration, the city government, and citizens.

CompStat: Performance management system that is used to reduce crime and achieve other police department goals. It emphasizes information sharing, responsibility and accountability, and improving effectiveness.

Hot spot: Certain problem area in a city where there has been repeated calls to the police.

Police operations analysis: Study of a police department’s policies and practices. Often, it concerns itself with studying a department’s allocation of personnel, money, equipment, and other resources.

Problem-oriented policing: Policing strategy that involves the identification and analysis of specific crime and disorder problems, in order to develop effective response strategies. Strategic crime analysis: Analysis that has to do with developing data to better understand long-term increases or decreases in crime.

Tactical crime analysis: Daily identification and analysis of emerging or existing crime patterns. It is the study of recent criminal incidents and activity by examining characteristics such as how, when, and where crime occurs to develop patterns, trends, and potential suspects.

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