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Mario is a team masseur, but, as he explains, his job involves looking after riders in other ways. In particular he is shown preparing the riders’ beds. He explains in the voiceover: ‘It’s the little details. When we make his bed. The rider opens the door and sees fresh, clean linen and sees his own suitcase ...’ In doing this, the video gives a face to the much ridiculed practice of bringing the team’s pillows and mattresses to ensure that they have a good night’s sleep. The riders are never shown, only the man and his work.


Rusty reveals a much lesser known detail in his making of banners in support of the team. Rusty is an old man with white hair. He is shown setting up his banner as he describes how he contacted Chris Froome’s childhood cycling mentor in Kenya to find an appropriate expression to use. He proudly shows photographs of himself posing with the riders. He is shown picnicking with friends by the side of the road while awaiting a race. Finally, he is seen waving another banner as the peloton flashes by. This is a fan’s perspective on the race.

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