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Packing Pockets

The contents of a rider’s pockets lie neatly organised on a bed. The rider, Joe Dombrowski, then explains how he packs his pockets for a training ride and why he packs them in this particular way. He is also shown out riding and accessing the contents of his pockets.

The Cape

Rider Peter Kennaugh is shown packing his cape, going for a ride and then putting on the cape while riding along. The voiceover explains how this should be done and offers advice on keeping the right state of mind while doing so: ‘Stay relaxed and don’t worry about getting it on too quick.’ He also mentions the dangers of getting the cape caught and advises stopping if it gets caught on a training ride. He concludes with the brief anecdote of a rider who crashed as he tried to pull his cape out of the front wheel after getting it caught.


Ian Boswell, introduces the importance of learning to descend well on mountain roads and explains the technique for cornering on a fast downhill. He is shown leaning close to the road, exemplifying a perfectly executed cornering at speed.

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