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Rice Cakes

The team chef is shown cutting a large slab of rice cakes into blocks ready for the riders and explaining why they are a good type of food to take on a ride. He is also shown carefully wrapping the rice cakes in a special kind of foil, something several viewers commented on. The riders are shown taking the rice cakes from their pockets, unwrapping them and eating them.

The Physio

The team physio is shown instructing and assisting a rider in some stretching exercises. He provides an account of both his role in the team and how to carry out the particular stretch that this rider needs.

The Wet Bag

The wet bag video is the only one that explicitly focuses on Raphas own products. The wet bag is a special bag used to carry all the rider’s spare clothes in the team car. It has pockets in it to organise clothes and a waterproof compartment with a mesh cover that allows wet clothes to be put in and partially dried out. In this case both the bag itself and the clothes it contains are Rapha products. The use of wet bags was something introduced by Sky that has since been adopted by other teams. Ben Swift, the rider who introduces the wet bag, explains how it is used during a race and what it contains. The video also shows riders putting on clothing from the wet bag.

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