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The Smoothie

Soren Kristiansen, the Team Sky chef, explains how to prepare a spinach smoothie as he demonstrates making one. He makes fun of his Danish accent by warning viewers that he may sound like a muppet. This selfdeprecating joke in his introduction is matched with his final comment: ‘You drink it and you can be like Popeye.’

The Bottle Carrier

This video focuses on the most well-recognised job of the team domes- tique—in this case Josh Edmondson—who supports the team leader during the race by carrying bottles. The bottle carrier collects full water bottles from the team cars, which travel behind the main group of riders in a race, and then delivers them to his teammates. The bottles are carried by being put into the back of the race jersey. With eight teammates needing two bottles each, a full delivery presumably consists of sixteen 500-ml bottles, adding up to a considerable weight. Edmondson is shown filling his jersey with bottles as he explains in the voiceover that packing the whole team’s supply into one delivery is an important way to conserve the riders’ energy. He therefore represents himself as part of a team that shares a finite supply of human energy.

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