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Further development

Compared to file 1, Simon’s file 3 narrative is much clearer in expression and more sophisticated also in terms of the linguistic means used.


Complex syntax. File 3 documents a broader range of complex sentential constructions, including sequences with psychological verbs and performative verbs (cf. examples (165) and (168) below).

Word order in repetitions. In file 3, repetitions occur fairly frequently. In these sequences, the repetition typically involves a more elaborate structure than the proposition produced in the first place. Such is the case of example (164), in which we learn that the boy is not aware of standing on something, more precisely, that he is standing on the head of the deer. Notice that the second proposition with the spatial verb stand-on includes a locative complement in preverbal position. Example (165), in turn, shows that such repetitions are not only produced to add locative but also object complements not provided in the first place. From a discourse perspective, we may assume that Simon uses repetitions as a rhetorical device to provide further detail about the activities described (as in (164)) or the protagonists involved (as in (165)).

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