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Representationalism and Non-representationalism

What kind of a subject is historiography? Is it a science, an art form, a craft or a unique practice of its own kind? And what is the point of doing historiography? These questions are important because the answers in part determine what historians should aim at producing and achieving. Philosophers and theoreticians of history and historiography have given various replies, although two have undoubtedly dominated the discourse. The majority of interlocutors have seen historiography either as a science or as a form of art. Both answers are problematic in some sense, and most of the debate has consequently focused on figuring out a solution to the problems identified. I begin this chapter with a brief outlook at some of the answers and solutions that have been provided. This exposition is far from exhaustive. It is illustrative and designed to pave the way for an analysis of representationalism in the narrativist philosophy of historiography and, subsequently, for outlining a non- representationalist account of historiography.

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