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A Prescription for Psychiatry: Why We Need a Whole New Approach to Mental Health and Wellbeing Fron

A flawed ethosInvalid diagnosesThe drugs don't workCoercionPsychiatry in crisis and schismA psychological ethos and modelA prescription for mental health and well-beingGet the Message Right: A Psychosocial Model of Mental Health and Well-beingReform and humanityDebates and disagreementsPerspective 1 ... 'psychiatry is a medical speciality ... 'Perspective 2 ... 'psychiatry is not a medical speciality ... 'Perspective 3 ... 'we're a team ... 'A new model of mental health and well-beingPrevention beyond the 'disease model'Pathways to mental healthA psychological modelWhere would this leave psychiatry?Understand, Don't DiagnoseA dog chasing its tailIf we don't learn from history, we are doomed to repeat itPeople are reassured by diagnosesGetting in the way of empathyNot everything has jointsWhat is 'abnormal' anyway?Why, and how, do we diagnose 'mental illnesses'?The World Health Organization's International Standard Classification of Diseases, Injuries and Causes of Death - ICD-10American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual - DSM-5ReliabilityValidity'Oppositional defiant disorder' ... really?On being sane in insane placesA tool for actionStatistical relationships are not diagnosesThere is no 'normal' and 'abnormal' in mental healthIf we don't diagnose, what's the alternative?Simply list the problems ... with some scientific specificityPlanning, commissioning and auditPsychosocial formulationsThis mattersThe Drugs Don't Work ... So Offer Real SolutionsA pill to take away your sadnessAre antidepressants 'antidepressants', or just drugs?A pill to take away your madnessSo why do we take them?Drugs are drugsStop pushing the drugs ... and offer real alternativesPromote Health and Well-beingSerious problems ... but serious social problemsWorld Health Organization and other definitions of mental well-beingPolicies to support well-beingPsychologists, psychiatrists, individuals and well-beingGet the basics rightFive ways to mental well-beingBe active ...Connect ...Keep learning ...Give ...Take notice ...Psychological processesPsychological therapy is not a different kind of drugIAPT - Improving Access to Psychological TherapiesThinking errors?A new approach to psychological therapiesTwo steps forwards, only one step backPsychological therapies as part of integrated servicesResidential Care ... Not Medical CoercionA place of safetyPhysical healthSocial breakdownWhere would YOU go in a crisis?Too much coercion?The lawA psychosocial perspectiveWarrantsPsychologists and compulsionTeamworkingAccess to and provision of servicesTeams, multidisciplinary teams and democratic multidisciplinary teamsPsychologistsSocial workersPsychiatryNursingOccupational therapistsWhat's new?Social and Community Services in Local Authority ManagementSocial agents in a social modelThe NHSPublic health and mental healthSupport health and well-being, don't treat 'illness'Mental health care in an age of austerityPhilosophiesRadical measuresCan We Afford It?Costs and savingsThe excitingly named 'transitional support funds'Greater investment in psychology, social workers, therapistsTraining and re-trainingNew staff?Proper GP provision, proper physical healthcareLess 'disease model', fewer psychiatristsLess medication, fewer prescriptionsA Manifesto for the Reform of Mental Health and Well-being ServicesThe manifesto

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