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  • • Crawford, J. (2004). Educating English learners: Language diversity in the classroom (5th ed.). Los Angeles: Bilingual Education Services.—In this highly readable introduction to EL education, James Crawford provides an excellent review of U.S. language policies and educational program alternatives for language minority students.
  • • Gandara, P. & Hopkins, M. eds. (2010). Forbidden language: English learners and restrictive language policies. New York: Teachers College Press.—This book features chapters on educational outcomes for English learners in California, Arizona, and Massachusetts, three states which have adopted restrictive language policies, and offers suggestions for effective instruction of English learners.
  • • Wiley, T.G., Lee, J.S., & Rumberger, R.W. eds. (2009). The education of language minority immigrants in the United States. Bristol, UK: Multilingual Matters.—Based on cutting-edge research and policy analyses, this collection will be of value to those interested in promoting educational equity and achievement for immigrant language minority students.
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