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Period of an electron in a Bohr atom

In Bohr’s 1913 theory of the atom [Bohr, 1913], an electron in the lowest circular orbit has a period of approximately 1.5 x 10-16 seconds.

Fastest electronics

The fastest electronics available today have a time resolution of about 10-11 seconds.

Period of insect wing

Insect flight is based on muscle power and its efficiency depends primarily on the species of insect. The characteristic period of oscillation of the wings ranges from a few times per second for some butterflies to over a thousand times a second for some mosquitoes. The fastest flying insects generally have the longest and thinnest wings.

In insects with asynchronous flight muscles, a single nerve impulse can cause a muscle fibre to contract multiple times, allowing the frequency of wing beats to exceed the rate at which the nervous system can send impulses. Such insects can hover, fly backward, and outperform insects with synchronous flight muscles, which beat once per nerve impulse. The period of asynchronous wing beats can be faster than 10-3 seconds, compared with the slower range of 2 x 10-1 to 5 x 10-2 seconds for synchronous wing beats.

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