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Philosophy and Breaking Bad

“We Tried to Poison You”: Breaking EvilWhat’s Stopping Me: Breaking Bad and Virtue EthicsMiltonic EthicsSin Versus Vice: Two TraditionsNotesEichmann in Albuquerque“Stay Out of My Territory. ..”“Oh Well, Heil Hitler, Bitch!”“It Is the Purest, Most Chemically Sound Product on the Market, Anywhere. .“I Woke Up. I Found Her. That’s All I Know...”“You Are Not the Guy. ..”ConclusionNotesEmpathy and Evil: Drug-Dealing Murderers Are People TooStein’s Account of EmpathyMerleau-Ponty’s Concept of the Phenomenal Body and Other SubjectsThe Ethical Component of EmpathyConclusionNotes“I Am the One Who Knocks”: The Shadow of Death and the Meaning of LifeIn the Shadow of the Sickness Unto Death: Walter White’s Transformation into the Knight of MethFrom the Sickness Unto Death to Finding the Drug Lord in the DesertAdapting in the Shadow of UncertaintyThe Mysterious Conjunction of Love and DeathToward the Alchemy of Breaking BadDespair: Heisenberg and the Danger Participation MystiqueConclusionNotesDeath Is Easy If You’re DeadDeath Date CertainWalter, You Can’t Take It with YouThe Deconstruction of the Unsaid: CareImmortal or EternalConclusionNotesCosmic Justice in Breaking Bad: Can Sociopaths and Antiheroes Lead Meaningful Lives?Cosmic and Terrestrial MeaningHard Meaning-SubjectivismSoft Meaning-SubjectivismTheistic TheoriesConclusionNotesLaw and Morality in Breaking Bad: The Aesthetics of JusticeThere’s What’s Right and There’s What’s RightThe Emergence of PositivismWalt’s Positively WrongProblems of JusticeThe Transcendent, Aesthetic Justice of Breaking Bad“I Will Put You Under the Jail”: The Tragedy of Breaking BadThe Crumbling Patriarchy and Triumphant Feminist Ethic of Care in Breaking Bad“Who’s in Charge? Me”“A Man Provides”“Someone Has to Protect This Family from the Man Who Protects This Family”“I’m Not Your Wife. I’m Your Hostage”“Live Free or Die”“We Make Poison for People Who Don’t Care”“The Clinching Interlocking Claws, a Living, Fierce, Gyrating Wheel”NotesWhat Bad Is Not: Breaking Bad, Apophatic and Dramaturgic Continua from Creator to Viewer, and a Poetics of the Philosophy of ReligionThe Existence of GodPoetics of the Problem of Evil and Gilligan’s Theodicy: Raising the StakesOverlap of Scientism and Religious LiteralismNegative Theology: Antidote to Reductionism? A Path of Redemptive Tragedy?Full-on Immersion in Defeat: The Initiation of TragedyA Moral Aesthetic and “The Monster” of the Imagination: A Settlement Between Secular and Religious EthicsStrategies for Not Succumbing to ReductionHugh Everett’s Many Worlds Interpretation (MWI) of Quantum MechanicsFrom Art to World: Breaking the Demiurge CycleNotesIV “I Did It for Me”: Morality, Mastery and MethRecovering Lost Moral Ground: Can Walt Make Amends?Defending Yourself from BlameJustifying or Excusing Your Actions“He’ll Kill Your Entire Family If You Let Him Go”Rewriting the PastCollateral DamageFor Good ReasonsIn DenialReflections on the GuillotineMaking AmendsNotes(Im)Morality in ActionThe Transformation of Walter White: A Case Study in Bad FaithBreaking Bonds: White Lines of Love and HateV Becoming Jesse James: Breaking Bad’s Challenge to PhilosophyHatred: Walter White Is Doing It All WrongA Brief Theory of Vindictive Hatred, with ExamplesWalt and HankGray MatterHow to Do Things with Bad WordsNotes“We Are Responsible to All for All”: An Intersubjective Analysis of Breaking BadIntersubjectivityNarrativeHow did we get here?Who is the neighbor?Fair enough: but who is the neighbor?NotesTheater of the Absurd: Breaking Bad as Edifying PhilosophyAbsurdity, or the Mystery in Broad Daylight“Because I Say So”The Elusiveness of FacticityEdifying Philosophy as Therapy for AbsurdityNotesBibliography

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