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Chinese Film Festivals: Sites of Translation

Translating the Film FestivalShanghai and Hong Kong: A Tale of Two FestivalsTranslating the Film Festival into Chinese Cultural ContextsHKIFF: Cinephilia and Local IdentitySIFF: Municipal ReputationNotes“Mature at Birth”: The Beijing International Film Festival Between the National Film Industry and the Global Film Festival CircuitA Film Festival with Chinese Characteristics: Categorizing the Beijing International Film Festival’s Main FeaturesStrategic Reputation Management: The Beijing International Film Festival as a Reputational FestivalConclusionNotesCulture Translation Between “Local” and “International”: The Golden Harvest Award in TaiwanLiterature Review and the Research FrameworkHistory, Structures and Stakeholders Historical BackgroundStructures and StakeholdersAn Identity Crisis?ConclusionNotesQueer as Catachresis: The Beijing Queer Film Festival in Cultural TranslationCatachresis and/as Cultural TranslationA Brief History of BJQFFTongzhi, Tongxinglian, Ku’er: Translating Queer at the FestivalTranslating the Festival Form: Socialist Pedagogy and the Cultural ExhibitionBetween Independent Cinema and Global Neoliberal Governance“Guerilla Warfare”: Between the Countryside and the CityThe Politicization of Ku’erConclusionNotesThe Beijing Independent Film Festival: Translating the Non-Profit Model into ChinaChinese Independent Film Festivals and the Problem of TranslationThe Foundation and Transformation of BIFFFrom Public to Private SpaceThe Politicization of BIFF: From Elitism to Public ResistanceBIFF as Third Space: Hybridity, Transgression, TranslationConclusionNotes“China’s Sundance” and Corporate Culture: Creating Space for Young Talent at the Tudou Video FestivalTudou-Sundance ConnectionsSmells Like Independent Spirit? The 2014 TVFConclusionNotesWhat Can Small Festivals Do? Toward Film Festivals as Testimony to Expanded Civic Engagement in Post-Handover Hong KongDissent and Civic Culture in the Early PostHandover YearsCommunitarian Participation and the Hong Kong Social Movement Film FestivalSinophone Civic Life and the Chinese Documentary FestivalConclusion: Toward Festival Practice as Testimony to Expanded Civic EngagementNotesThe China Independent Film Festival and Chinese Independent Film Festivals: Self-Legitimization and InstitutionalizationAre Chinese Independent Film Festivals Actually Festivals?CIFF: A Decade of Self-legitimization and InstitutionalizationCIFF: A Battlefield of Anti-elitism and the Birthplace of Independent Film CriticismConclusionNotesSole Traders, Cultural Brokers, and Chinese- Language Film Festivals in the United Kingdom: The London Taiwan Cinefest and the Chinese Visual FestivalIntroduction: Locating Chinese-Language Cinema in the United KingdomSole Traders and/as Cultural BrokersInstitutions, Individuals, and the Question of TranslationThe London Taiwan CinefestFrom Art House to Genre FilmTranslation as Commercial Practice: Making Sense of Taiwan CinemaThe Chinese Visual FestivalBetween the Independent and the MainstreamTranslation as Moral Pedagogy: The Cultural Politics of ChinaConclusionNotesTranslating CultureYingying, Zhenzhen, and Fenfen? China at the FestivalsEvolving TranslationFestivals: Scenarios and Stakeholder ConfigurationsThe Cultural Diplomacy FestivalThe Corrective FestivalThe Business Card Exchange FestivalConclusionNotesProgramming China at the Hong Kong International Film Festival and the Shanghai International Film FestivalHong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF)The Foundational PeriodInto a Pan-Chinese CinemaShanghai International Film Festival (SIFF)Programming China at SIFFXuanpian Versus ProgrammingConclusionNotesClara Law’s Red Earth: The Hong Kong International Film Festival and the Cultural Politics of the Sponsored ShortDissecting HKIFF’s Shorts: Clara Law’s Red EarthThe Importance of CitationsNotesRural Films in an Urban Festival: Community Media and Cultural Translation at the Yunnan Multi Culture Visual FestivalA History of Participatory Visual Education at YunfestThe Cross-Cultural Potential of PVEMedia from the MarginsConclusion: Doubled TranslationsNotesTranslating the Margins: New Asian Cinema, Independent Cinema, and Minor Transnationalism at the Hong Kong Asian Film FestivalHong Kong: A Tale of Two GlobalizationsThe Hong Kong Asian Film Festival: From the Margins to the MarketFrom Minor to Major TransnationalismAn Imagined Community of IndiesConclusionNotesTranslating Chinese Film Festivals: Three Cases in New YorkThe New York Asian Film FestivalAAIFF: Asian American International Film Festival in New YorkNYCFF: Chinese Projections AbroadConclusionNotes

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