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Floral volunteering

Career volunteering here occurs as, for example, gardening (flowers, shrubs), say, for a church, town square, friend or neighbor. Vegetable gardening for the needy also falls into this category, as does planting each season trees and shrubs to beautify a park or community organization.

As with idea-based volunteering any of these might also be pursued as leisure projects. The casual floral volunteer performs for church, community, charitable organization, and the like such altruistic activities as raking leaves, watering lawns and plants, and weeding gardens. To constitute leisure volunteering, these must, however, be seen by the volunteer as agreeable, not as an unpleasant obligation.

Faunal volunteering

Faunal volunteers work with animals, including birds, fish, and reptiles. Career volunteers in this type serve, among places, at the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, in animal rescue units, at the local zoo, and in animal rehabilitation services. Knowledgeable people who care for someone’s pet (outside the volunteer’s family) on a regular basis (serious leisure) or as a one-off service (project-based leisure) are also part of this type. Volunteering only to feed a holidaying friend’s bird or cat or walk that person’s dog, assuming this experience is enjoyable, are instances of casual leisure in the area of faunal volunteering.

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