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The literature review was divided in this way with the intention of providing a thorough presentation about the issues of concern to many Chinese international students. The influences on their behavior with regard to seeking support for these concerns were noted. This literature review provides the background to the study and also raises a number of questions which focus this study.

To date, no empirical research has focused solely upon understanding the stress and coping processes of Chinese international students in the United States.

Typically, research has been conducted on international students as a single population. Given that Chinese international students represent the largest number of international students in the United States and that they encounter a culture very different from their own, it is worth developing a deeper understanding of how these students cope with such stress. Research suggests that Chinese international students have the most difficulty adjusting to life in the United States. What makes this adjustment difficult and what do Chinese international students do to cope with this adjustment? Finally, what influences their thinking with regard to seeking support and help for their concerns? These questions are important and have not previously been addressed. Such research could help Chinese international students adjust better to life in American universities and could help American universities adjust to their largest group of foreign students. There does exist information on Chinese cultural beliefs and on the acculturation of Chinese people in America. Until now, however, there has not been any inquiry into the stress and coping processes of Chinese international students, who reside temporarily in the United States, away from China and Chinese culture.

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