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Recommendations for Professors

  • 1. American professors who work with Chinese international students might be encouraged to develop some knowledge of Chinese students’ special problems and needs so that they can be more attentive to Chinese students’ difficulties (Lin 1998).
  • 2. Although advisors are not expected to counsel Chinese internationals students, a familiarity with a student’s present life could be helpful. Also, periodically checking on a student’s well-being could be an important step in preventing a student from developing problems (Wilson 1996).
  • 3. Advisors should make an effort to assist Chinese international students successfully complete their programs of study. Advisors should be familiar with resources available to international students and direct Chinese students to take advantage of appropriate resources when students are in trouble.

Recommendations for Chinese International Students

  • 1. Chinese students should practice their English as much as possible before coming to the United States, because English proficiency is essential to their success in American universities.
  • 2. Chinese students and their parents should obtain more comprehensive and accurate predeparture information about life and study in the United States. The current study indicates that thorough preparation for the upcoming adjustments should result in less stress and frustration during the initial weeks and months of their time in the United States. International exposure, such as shortterm visits to other countries and working in international corporations, would be very helpful to improve their cross-cultural knowledge, thereby shortening their cultural and academic adjustment time in the United States. Other convenient ways for students to enhance their culturally relevant knowledge and skills while still at home in China include meeting with American students and American families living in or visiting China and watching American movies and documentaries.
  • 3. Chinese international students should obtain as much knowledge as possible of Western theories and terminology in their fields before coming to the United States.
  • 4. When in the United States, Chinese international students should try to socialize and actively participate in the host culture. They should adopt an integration strategy—synthesizing the best elements of both Chinese and American cultural traditions, bridging two cultures, and becoming mediators—to consciously conduct a deep-structure sociocultural transformation (e.g., breaking away from the cultural stereotype and trying to be more open-minded toward counseling concepts and counseling services). This too will help Chinese students alleviate their acculturative stress and shorten their cross-cultural and academic adjustment time.
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