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Allocation of Financial Resources for Research

Every participant in the program received an ongoing budget to cover research-related expenses. Program leaders encouraged participation and research presentations at professional conferences that took place at the university or nearby institutions. In addition, every researcher was allocated a special budget to fund a trip to another state in the U.S. for research purposes. Because my research population consisted of teacher educators, it was important for me to learn about teacher education at other American universities. As part of our study tours, we visited the College of Education at the University of Memphis and there I held personal meetings with teacher educator colleagues and learned about their work practices. I also established contact with the Teacher Education College at the University of Florida in Miami, to whom I presented my research and was invited to visit the university.

I used the allocated budget to fund this trip. During my visit, I met and interviewed a number of role holders in the teacher education program, and learned about their training program, modes of operation and professional doings of the faculty members.

Throughout the duration of my stay, program directors encouraged us to continue our research and asked to receive ongoing reports with regard to its progress and timetable. Half way through the program, each researcher presented the topic of his/her research, its aims and methodology, to all participants. They gave feedback, asked questions and made suggestions how to advance the research. At the end of the program, each participant presented a research report to the program leaders. There was also a gala seminar day attended by university faculty members at which research findings were presented and emerging conclusions and their significance were discussed.

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