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International Advisory Boards in the World

Adnan Zahed


Many scientific institutions and major industrial organizations, in their keenness to benefit from the experience of internationally prestigious advisory and consultative bodies, draw up long and short-term plans for their formation. These advisory and consultative bodies comprise of elite and authoritative groups of scientific, industrial, and administrative experts. The assistance of such bodies is sought to support educational institutions' efforts to achieve quality enhancements and improvements of such credibility as to be worthy of international recognition [1–3]. Advisory boards are not, and are not intended to be, substitutes for statutory boards of directors, which are responsible for internal operational planning and implementation within the concerned institutions. Indeed, if properly constituted, advisory boards are intended to complement and strengthen existing executive boards, by offering advice and guidance to aid them in the successful performance of their tasks. Advisory boards' targets and the criteria for board members' selection have to be clearly enunciated from the very beginning, in order for maximum benefit to be obtained from such boards by concerned institutions.

The motive for following this strategy could be to ensure that concerned educational institutions receive expert advice on new high technology and scientific advances, or to enable them to gain insight into conducting business in diverse global markets. This chapter provides an overview of International Advisory Boards (IABs), consulted by a sample of universities and major organizations in the world. We have outlined the definition, objectives, composition, and meeting schedules of the IABs in such institutions and organizations.

The following section covers the definition, objectives, and function of the International Advisory Board at King Abdulaziz University. It also provides examples of other distinguished universities and organizations globally, that have established international advisory bodies.

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