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Augmented Reality : Where We Will All Live

IntroductionThe Promise of Augmented RealityThe Dangers of Augmented RealityAugmented Reality SkillsSeeing Augmented RealityThe RealitiesAugmented Reality's Place in the MetaverseTranslating the WorldConsumers vs. Industrial, Military, and ScientificMovie Metaphors and PredictorsThe Code of Ethics on Human AugmentationLaws of Mixed RealityAugmented Reality Can Help and MonitorAugmented Reality in GamesAuditory Augmented RealityDefinitionsWhat Is Augmented Reality?Internet of ThingsWearablesAugmenting RealityTypes of Augmented RealityMixed RealityDifference Between Virtual Reality and Augmented RealityDual ModalityAR Preferred over VR if Forced to ChooseSummaryReferencesTypes of Augmented Reality Types of Augmented Reality SystemsThe Taxonomy of Augmented RealityContact LensHelmetHead-Up DisplaySmart-GlassesIntegrated Smart-GlassesIndoors and OutdoorsConsumerCommercialBinocular Verses MonocularPrescription Smart GlassesBlue Light FiltersAdd-On Smart-GlassesProjectionSpatial Augmented RealityCAVESpecialized and OtherWatermarking Augmented RealityReferencesWe'll All Be Experts Now Augmented Reality: We'll All Be Experts NowReferencesOverview of Augmented Reality System OrganizationOverview of Augmented Reality System OrganizationWhat to See, What Not to SeeA Few Words About Convergence ConflictThe Problem with TechnologyHistorical Overview Historical Overview: Ghosts to Real AR to DARPATrend SpottingInterest Over Time Google TrendsReal Time Content in ContextInformationalInstructionalReferencesKey Applications Key ApplicationsScientific, Industrial and GovernmentArchitecture, Engineering, and ConstructionAviation and AerospaceAugmented Reality in the Aerospace IndustryProof of ConceptsAugmented Reality in Aerospace in 2017Augmented Reality in Astronaut TrainingEducationWeldingMedical TrainingInspection and MaintenanceTechnical Documentation with Augmented RealityMaintenance and RepairAutomotive, Trucks, and Heavy EquipmentManufacturingReduced Errors in ManufacturingMarine Vehicles (Submarines to Pleasure Craft to Aircraft Carriers)MedicineHelp the Visually Impaired with Augmented Reality Smart GlassesHelp Immobile People Communicate Using Their EyesHelp Blind People See with Their Ears and FingersHelp Patients with Chronic Intractable Phantom Limb PainSurgical Navigation for Image-Guided Spine, Cranial and Trauma SurgeryAugmented Reality TelepresenceDiet ManagementSeeing VeinsVideo Recording Not Augmented RealityMilitaryPower and EnergyPublic SectorFirst RespondersCivic Augmented RealityAirport SecurityU.S. Postal ServiceHaving a Little FunReal EstateAugmented Reality’s Benefits to RealtorsAugmented Reality’s Benefits to Potential BuyersTelepresenceSummaryCommercial and EnterpriseEmail with PersonalityAdvertising and MarketingRetailersNeal LeavittProduct ReviewsPost Augmented RealityConsumerMarkerless Identification of ThingsVirtual Fashion ItemsClothingGlassesMakeupHair StylesArtEntertainmentGamesARQuakeSmartphoneConsolePokemon GOGeo AR GamesShootersPornEducationalMuseums and GalleriesNavigation and ControlWalking and DrivingRoad SignsSummaryTranslationReal-Time Text TranslationSports and TrainingAugmented Reality Extended to Consumers in 2010 in the Form of Smart GlassesAugmented Reality in HuntingSummaryReferencesSoftware Tools and Technologies Khronos GroupOpenCVARToolkitVuforiaAugmentInfinity ARIntel RealSenseKudanGoogleTangoHololensScope ARViewARAn Augmented Reality Operating SystemThe Role of Augmented Reality InterfacesWho Will Define Augmented Reality?Summary: Players and PlatformsReferenceTechnology Issues Our Amazing EyesRods, Cones, and FoveaResolutionWhat We SeeBlind SpotEye MovementInterlaced TV and Motion PerceptionLatency Issues in Augmented Reality DisplaysField-Sequential Color System and LatencyDisplay IssuesEye-BoxHead Motion BoxField of ViewPixel PitchDisplaysProximityCloseVirtual RealityAugmented RealityMixedAmbient LightColor DepthRefresh RateSummaryAugmented Reality DisplaysTransparencyTechnologyEmissive or ReflectiveOptical PathEyetap vs. OffsetDirect Emissive and Modulated DisplaysNon-transparent Modulated DisplaysColor GenerationLCDs with Color FilterLCD ScreensBack Lighting vs. TransparencyLCoSColor Filter Reflective—LCoSField Sequential Color—LCoSFLCoSDigital Light Processing (DLP)Laser Beam ScanningRetinal Scanning and Virtual Retinal DisplaysOptical RoutingDisplay Devices Versus Waveguide CompatibilityEye ReliefOptical WaveguideHolographic WaveguidePolarized WaveguideSurface Array Reflector WaveguideZeiss Uses a ComboSingle Beam-SplitterHUD DisplaysReflectiveTransparent Direct-Emissive DisplaysMicroLEDOLED ScreensSmart Contact LensSmart Contact Lenses: GoogleSmart Contact Lenses: SamsungSmart Contact Lenses: SonySmart Contact Lenses: Ocumetrics Bionic LensSmart Contact Lenses: LED Contact LensWhat Can You See?Aids for the Visually DisabledSoundHeadphonesBone ConductionPower and Other IssuesContact Lens: In or Out?The Ultimate Augmented Reality Display?SensorsCamerasDepth SensingThin Photo Sensors, and Lenses Will Yield Skinny Lightweight DevicesA Thin Sensor Needs a Thin LensLocalization, Tracking, and Navigation SensorsInertial Measurement UnitMEMsHaptic FeedbackHaptic Feedback Thin as an EyelashEarthquake Prediction SensorAugmented Reality—Marker vs. MarkerlessMarkers and FiducialsNatural Feature Tracking Using MarkersSLAM—Markerless LocationGPS Markerless TrackingUser Interfaces in Augmented Reality SystemsVoice ControlGesture ControlEye-TrackingBrainWavesSummaryReferencesSuppliers Augmented Reality Devices and SuppliersSuppliersHelmetSmart Glasses—integrated-Commercial/industrialSmart Glasses—integrated-ConsummerSmart Glasses—Add-onHUDProjectionContact LensPrivacy—Is There Such a Thing Today?Social IssuesNano-Scale TechnologyWhat the Future May HoldReferences

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