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As mentioned earlier, I have subdivided the smart-glasses suppliers into integrated and add-on, and both of those categories are further subdivided regarding their ability or design to be used indoors, or outdoors. Obviously indoors is an implied subset of outdoors, however, there are some consumer smart-glasses that are integrated with sunglasses and would be inappropriate to wear indoors.

Integrated Smart-Glasses

The distinction between an add-on augmented reality device, and an integrated device may seem arbitrary. The distinction I made was if the device could be attached to, or worn with regular glasses, it was an add-on device. If it included and integrated lenses and other elements (such as a microphone, camera, or earphones) then it is considered as integrated smart glasses, augmented reality headset.

Indoors and Outdoors

I have further subdivided integrated smart-glasses into consumer and commercial, and those into indoors and outdoors. It’s an important distinction. Consider a sports headset like Intel’s Recon. However, for augmented reality glasses that have a time- of-flight depth/distance measuring technology, like Microsoft’s Hololens, the sensors depend on non-visible light that does not agree with UV outdoors (and can also be affected indoors by sunlight coming through windows). In other cases, the display may not be bright enough to overcome the ambient light from outside.

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