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Tribunal findings of Crown Treaty breaches

The recent Waitangi Tribunal (2012) findings are that there has been serious prejudice to the TKR movement as a result of Crown (and its Ministry of Education) Treaty breaches. In particular these have been:

  • ? inadequate recognition in ECE policy for TKR;
  • ? a decline in the proportion of Maori participating in TKR;
  • ? adverse impacts on the reputation of the TKR movement;
  • ? serious underfunding of the Trust for services provided and insufficient funding to TKR, which has led to a decrease in capital expenditure posing a relicensing risk and exposing3,000 mokopuna (young learners) to the possibility of losing their Kohanga Reo buildings
  • ? imposition of a regulatory regime including licensing criteria that has paid insufficient regard to the particular TKR environment; and
  • ? an ERO evaluation methodology that remains focused on teacher-led models unbalanced against the important results that TKR provide for te reo transmission and whanau development (p. 335).
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