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The Microfoundations of Global Innovation: Disrupting the Balance Between Centripetal and Centrifugal Forces

Juan I. Sanchez and Yasmina Lazrak

Whereas the dominant conceptualization of human capital refers to the knowledge and abilities that facilitate actions leading to economic growth (Coleman, 1988; Dakhli & De Clercq, 2004) , a more finegrained understanding of how these individual attributes emerge across individuals to produce global innovation is warranted. In this chapter, we aim to isolate the microlevel attributes and capabilities that underlie the individual actions that stimulate global innovation. In addition, we advance a series of arguments explaining how these attributes basically respond to the ability to balance two sets of challenges: (1) assimilation pressures emanating from headquarters, and (2) differentiation pressures emanating from local factors.

J.I. Sanchez (h)

Department of Management and International Business, Florida International University, Miami, FL, USA

Y. Lazrak

Skiversity, Inc. , Miami , FL , USA © The Author(s) 2017

S. Kundu, S. Munjal (eds.), Human Capital and Innovation, DOI 10.1057/978-1-137-5656l-7_4

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