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Managerial Guidelines

  • • GVT members need to cultivate an open mindset and be receptive to and accepting of cultural differences.
  • • GVT members must also develop innovative and creative thinking skills with the given information, knowledge, and training in order to appreciate changes.
  • • GVT members must be open to trusting others on short acquaintance, so that all members of the group can reach a common ground and find an acceptable balance between task achievement and relationship-building.
  • • GVT members must educate one another regarding any cultural attitudes, viewpoints, and values that may impede the team’s effectiveness.

Culturally Attuned Guidelines for Creating Innovative Strategies

  • Low context GVT members need to take time during the early “getting to know each other” stage to create a sense of warmth toward high context members. They also need to engage in building relationships before jumping straight to the task, in order to build rapport with high context members who value relationships. They need to demonstrate that they care by creating a strong sense of belonging within the team.
  • High context GVT members need to demonstrate that they have a strong knowledge of the task to be accomplished (i.e., “know your stuff!”) They also need to establish strong credentials regarding what they can do and how they can perform at their best, as this is important for working effectively with low context members. Strive to prioritize task orientation over relationship-building, and stay focused on the job at hand.
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