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Egypt beyond Tahrir Square

Varied Disciplines, Perspectives, and NarrativesNotesEgypt’s Revolutionary Spirit across TimeEgyptian History Repeats ItselfWestern Revolutions: Were There Any Changes?The January 25 Revolution in EgyptWhere Are We Now?NotesEgyptian Revolutionaries’ Unrealistic ExpectationsThree Revolutionary ForcesThe Challenge of PluralismMorsi’s Constitutional DeclarationDemocratic FaithAfter the CoupNotesEgypt’s Revolutionary Moment Turned UprisingMoving beyond SemanticsThe Impetus behind the UprisingEconomic Inequality and the Fall of the Middle ClassA Burgeoning Civil SocietyThe Labor Movement Shakes EgyptThe 2010 Parliamentary Elections: Losing the Elite CoalitionDifferent Leader, Same RegimeSame Regime, New LeaderA Hunger Revolution May Be ImminentNotesThe New Intellectual in Egypt’s RevolutionsAfter the People Cried for ChangeA New Intellectual Is BornNotesThe Muslim BrotherhoodThe Brotherhood under MubarakThe Muslim Brotherhood during the RevolutionThe Muslim Brotherhood under the scafMorsi and the “Brotherhoodization” of the StateNotesCopts’ Role in Modern EgyptCopts: A Consolidated “Minority” PerceptionCommon Assumptions and Some ClarificationsRegime-Church-Copts: A State-Society ApproachReligion in State and SocietyCopts under MubarakThe Coptic Church and the January 25 RevolutionThe Rise of Islamic Tendencies and Sectarian AttacksThe Changing Spiritual Leadership of the Coptic Church and the Ouster of an Elected PresidentNew Regime, Old ProblemsNotesEgyptian Media Capturing the RevolutionThe Press under Hosni MubarakThe Press under the Supreme Council of the Armed ForcesThe Press under MorsiRestructuring Egypt’s Press: Building a Culture of ProfessionalismAn Independent Egyptian News Media Regulatory BodyManaging Government Influence over the PressNotesThe Egyptian Military and the PresidencyMilitaries in Politics: Intervention and DisengagementThe Military in the First Republic: Appeasement and Changing InterestsThe Short-Lived Second Republic: Morsi’s Troubled Relationship with the StateBack to the Military: Egypt’s Third RepublicMilitaries, Presidents, and the Future of Democratic TransitionNotesPolicing Egypt during Revolutionary TimesInside Egypt’s SecuritocracyInside the Egyptian Police ForceThe Deteriorating Police-Public RelationsThe January 2011 ProtestsMedia Impact on Police-Community RelationshipDeterioration of Police-Government Relations after January 25Practical Steps for Police Reform in EgyptNotesCentralization and Marginalization NarrativeRevolutions and Violence in SinaiEnvironmental Activism in AswanSinai Struggles after July 3, 2013The Rise of Nubian ActivismWhither the Arab Spring?Notes

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