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On June 24, 2014, England played Costa Rica in the World Cup in Brazil. The score was 0-0. The data for all concerned is 00110000 00101101 00110000. Yet, in the context of England—at that time placed 13 in the FIFA rankings—the information the data contained was seen as a defeat. In the context of Costa Rica—number 31 in the same ranking—it was seen as a victory. The faces of

British and Costa-Rican fans, as well as the media reports in both countries expressed precisely this. Without context, information is just Data.

A space becomes a place, when actor X has a value relationship with C. When both X and C have a mutual benefit, P (place) is created. Place is Context. A space becomes a place when actors have a mutually beneficial relationship to each other, expressed as information transformed in wealth, due to the place as context.


Link-Enabled objects contain, retrieve, receive and transmit data and can be searched, filtered, and aggregated. Their intelligence and presence will create a new language of experiences and opportunities within the built environment, experiences that will be shaped by what is close by, and what links THE environment contains. These new experiences will not only create new relationship models between objects, spaces and people, but ultimately they will strengthen the relationships between people. Content is no longer king. In Link-Enabled ecologies, context is King.


The capability to recognize, articulate and transform the purpose and scope of our experience, to provide maximum benefit to all participants, is not to be found within new technological applications or interfaces, but within the latent human behaviors they retrieve, and how those behaviors are leveraged to strengthen and affect the system at hand.

In the Internet of Things, all objects would be empowered with the ability to transmit not only their location and capability, but also their composition. In this context, the existence of a material in any form will generate and answer the implicit question where else could I be?—or more accurately what other place could I make for you right now?

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