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The Future as a Choice

The Value Creating Enterprise

My definition of 'The Future' in the context of enterprise is this: The future is the changes you make to the present, through your motivation, behavior and action. Motivation is the internal condition that gives rise to what we want to do, based on our goals, what we can do based on our capabilities, and what we will do, based on our will. Motivation is the ethos of goal-orientated behavior.

The engagement with the future is a matter of will. Make your choice and have the Will to Engage. In this definition 'The Future' means taking a stance about what you want to be when you have become. What then when the future is not a choice? More precisely, when it is not 'your choice'? You and your organization are then just reacting; you are just mitigating an emerging condition of the market space, which was designed by others, as their future. These 'others' have imposed on you a condition of surrendering to forces you rarely understand, and even more so rare, you can fully master. Think about the demise of Blockbuster and the surge of Netflix. Think about the entire advertising industry that is surrendering every year more than $30 billion to Google. Think about the recording industry, transformed in a few years by forces they did not control or anticipate. These examples are about choices not acted upon, and futures that we imposed on incumbents, by enterprises actively engaged in designing their own future.

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