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Buying Local Will Beat Online

The technology trends will move us back to bricks and mortar—but with a difference. In the future, retailers will layer increasing levels of engagement and personalization on top of the shopping experience, ultimately merging the instant gratification of physical shopping with the richness of online shopping and making same-day delivery a snap.

Doctors Will Routinely Use Your DNA to Keep You Well

Today, full DNA testing to help make treatment decisions is still rare.

But cognitive systems and cloud computing may make this form of treatment mainstream. It could be done faster, more affordably and much more frequently. In addition to DNA testing for cancers, we may even see DNA-specific personalized treatment options for conditions such as stroke and heart disease.

A Digital Guardian Will Protect You Online

Security is evolving from being based on rules, like passwords, to being automatic and made stronger through us just being us. This guardian will have your back; trained to focus on the people and items it is entrusted with based on 360° of an individual's data, devices and applications. It will make inferences about what's normal or reasonable activity and what's not; ready to spot deviations that could be precursors to an attack and a stolen identity.

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