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Short news reports

Article 15 of Directive 2010/13 concerns short news reports. It is stipulated that Member States shall ensure that for the purpose of short news reports any broadcaster established in the Union has access ‘on a fair, reasonable and nondiscriminatory basis to events of high interest to the public which are transmitted on an exclusive basis by a broadcaster under their jurisdiction’. Simply put, the purchased exclusivity is forcibly broken under the framework of management designed to ensure access which is foreseen by Article 15. This is not limited to sport, but sport is clearly one area in which relevant demand will arise. These short extracts shall be used solely for general news programmes and may be used in on-demand audiovisual media services only if the same programme is offered on a deferred basis by the same media service provider.200 Article 15, unlike Article 14, expressly mentions compensation: this is a matter to be determined by Member States, but where compensation is provided for, it shall not exceed the additional costs incurred in providing access.201

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