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Stakeholder and public information

There is little information about products, producers, applications to consumers, and in the public domain in general. Despite the fact that there are producers in many countries, there is no specific trade association for these producers, and producers and products are difficult to track. Whether microbes are being used or not is sometimes not clearly stated, or it is expressed in roundabout ways, such as “biological” cleaner, “biological”, “probiotic” cleaner, etc. More transparency to consumers and stakeholders would be a prerequisite for broader adoption by consumers. A product database should be established and the information collected in the course of this study should be expanded.

More science on the mechanism

The available information on the various mechanisms of action of the microbes is considered insufficient. This refers to a lack of transparency as well as to a lack of detailed knowledge on some products. Further scientific studies should be launched to investigate the physiological and biochemical basis of these mechanisms. Such information would also be important for clarifying a possible applicability of EU biocide and detergent legislation.

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