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Growing apart (December 1948-AuGusT 1949)

Against the backdrop of these kidnappings and the collapse of the Republican government, in late December Kartosuwiryo declared a ‘holy war, total war, all-encompassing people’s war, against the Netherlands’ to ensure the success of the Islamic revolution and the establishment of a perfect Islamic state across Indonesia.[1] The Dutch intervention gave Kartosuwiryo another opportunity to accuse the Republican government of its political failings, and at the same time to glorify the Islamic state as the only viable option for independent Indonesia.

In the following months Republican leaders conducted intense diplomatic talks with the Dutch, whilst the Siliwangi Division returned to West Java. Until mid 1949, relations between Republican agents and the DI-TII could best be characterized as an uneasy collaboration marked by the consciousness that, despite territorial divisions, resisting Dutch expansion should be their common goal.

  • [1] ‘Maklumat Negara Islam Indonesia no. 5’, 19 Safar 1368 AH/20 December 1948 CE, AABRIDI [folii].
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