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  • 2. Park. Considerable data are available on BPC online including the BPC website.
  • 3. An overview of the project as well as long- range plans for theories around the project may be found on the website of the New York City Planning Department and the Hudson Yards Development Corporation.
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  • 10. Data on housing prices may be found on the web at
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  • 12. Maps and details on the Metro extension may be found at Information on planning for Tyson's Corner as it evolves may be obtained from the Fairfax County Planning Department through Wikipedia has a good article giving background on Tyson's Corner and providing a number of useful links.
  • 13. Le Corbusier's vision comes from the period shortly before to shortly after World War I. Frank Lloyd Wright began work on the Broad Acre City concept in the 1930s. Buckminster Fuller began work on the geodesic dome as a type of structure in the 1930s. The proposal for the dome over midtown Manhattan dates from the 1960s. So, too, does Soleri's megastructure.
  • 14. Although Le Corbusier did not build very much himself, his ideas have had a huge influence on both architecture and urban design during much of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Probably the best summary of those ideas is his book Towards a New Architecture, Dover Publications, New York, 1986 (first published in 1931).
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  • 16. Information on Masdar may be found by googling Masdar or Foster and Partners.
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